Dear Ship-owners,

Great compliments for the FANSATIC TOO. We – a party of 4 couples – had an unforgettable time on your ship. Everything turned out to be perfect. The crew is extremely friendly and attentive and reads all wishes from the lips: this is really 5* hospitality. Great compliments also for the cock: from a delicious breakfast to a gorgeous diner: the food was just perfect and always accompanied by selected wines.

The ship is brand new and in perfect condition (useless to mention that we always felt very safe). The cabins are comfortable and surprisingly spacious for such a catamaran.

It is great fun to sail the catamaran with its huge sails. The captain is a master at navigating and catching the best wind. The captain also knows where to find great locations to anchor overnight or to swim.

We are looking forward to our next trip on the FANTASTIC TOO

We had already 3 times the pleasure to charter the fabulous FANASTIC TOO- What an experience! The boat is in pristine shape, being only 3 years old, and due to the excellent maintenance of the year-round crew!

The equipment is nothing short of luxurious, from the tasteful living quarters down to the guest cabins, each with a very well-appointed en suite bathroom. For us especially important is the quality of the truly excellent mattresses.  The ambient lighting systems throughout the boat create a wonderfully romantic atmosphere.

The crew is outstanding in their capabilities and their service. The captain is extremely experienced and knows exactly what he is doing, you feel safe and very well taken care of in any situation.

The crew in general creates a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, the chef is fantastic and all of them try to anticipate your every wish. Every morning climbing out of the water from our first swim we were greeted with “How would you like your eggs today?”. So it feels more like being in a swimming luxury hotel. They enable you to truly enjoy your stay to the fullest.

This is not your typical charter yacht, because it is mainly used by the owners and it shows that the overall condition of this yacht is just excellent.

There is ample living space, so everybody can find a place to relax or retreat.

FANTASTICTOO carries a lot of toys on board from scuba diving, waterskiing, canoeing, and stand-up paddling ……. everything is available.

We definitely will come back !!